Saturday, January 9, 2010

Life is a Pitch

Finally, aku dapat settle 90% of the jobs yg tertunggak. Amazing.. lama dah rasanya aku tak work like hell.. haha day and night none stop. So today, I need something good. Berendam dlm pool? hehe..

After all, I am going to make a huge change in my life, starting today, now! I believe that life is not a pattern of gradually evolving improvement. It's a series of long, fallow patches punctuated by moments of crucial change. How you handle the long fallow stretches doesnt matter much. How you handle the moments of change is vital. These big moments are not decided by chance - they are decided by how you handle them. How you pitch your case is what makes the difference... :D


  1. Hello nur..lama tak sembang.. :)
    take care

  2. hi yan, memang sgt la lama.. u take care too :D